Our Capabilities

Multi origin blends for ultimate flexibility: We import teas from around the world to Argentina for blending and packing, ensuring that we can match your quality consistently!

High density black leaf only, enabling smaller case footprint, minimizing shipping and storage footprints ($$s) and lowering our carbon footprint

Black, green, flavored teas. 4-sided seal filter pouches, all weights

Custom printing on Open brew web, shipping cases and Labels.

Packed in a GFSI/ FSCC22000 certified facility

Certified Rainforest Alliance where required.

Our process

KOST S.A is a FSC22000 processor and accredited RA facility.

It’s capabilities include straight line exporting, granulation, screening, blending and packing.

In business for more than 40 years supplying to who's who of North American and International clients, KOST has earned the trust of those who continuously work with them, as partners in tea

KOST S.A is always working to protect and elevate customer performance in an ever changing business environment!

  • The process of granulation subjects the tea particles to high pressure and higher temperatures, resulting in more oxidation and a kill step, more efficient than gap drying during primary manufacture.
  • Analysis has shown our teas to have very low levels of micro activity (important for all tea but especially iced tea preparations), better than primary teas.
  • The granulation process produces a dense particle with excellent flowability and better percolation properties, again, ideal for iced tea brewing.
  • For high speed packing lines: our teas have proven invaluable to modify densities and flowabilities at low cost

The nature of mechanical harvesting in Argentina requires much processing of dryer mouth tea, into presentable grades. This involves milling, sifting and sorting all of which leads to the creation of fine 100% tea dust that cannot be utilized in any packed tea process. This represents a loss to Producers of 10-15%

Kost has been granulating this dust, back to usable tea particulate matter, for the last 28 years, refining the process to brilliantly performing teas today.

Much misunderstanding exists of granulation referring back to the very rudimentary granulated products of years ago.

The reality is that not all processes are equal and none are as good as Kost’s, whose granules have lower micro’s than primary tea grades and the same or better colour and clarity than the primary product they come from.